Swiss Army Blanket - Reproduction

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Swiss Army Blanket - Reproduction

Hardly ever has there been a blanket that is more famous and sought after then the Swiss Army Blanket. For 20 years we sold the original stock from the Swiss Army until it was completely sold out worldwide.  So... using the precise original specifications we re-created these beautiful blankets at a very affordable price.  70% fine wool with a white stitched cross. Measures 60 x 80 inches and weighs a whopping 3.9 pounds.

(optional straps come in a 4 pack and can be linked together to accommodate heavy wool blankets.)

Beautiful copy of the Swiss Army Blanket. Hand sewn white cross on each end. 70 percent wool. Measures 60" x 84". Weighs a very nice 4.8 pounds. Shades of brown will vary a bit.

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